The idea that creativity can be a profession has always amazed me. In 2012, I wanted to check whether it was true. I started working as a designer in Ankara, then I moved to Istanbul to work as an art director in 2016.
As art director, I’ve worked for many national and global brands in different sectors; including telco, banking and finance, insurance, shopping and retail, automotive, food & beverage, home appliances, broadcasting, and aviation. I’ve won awards with leading global and independent agencies; which led my path to being the youngest creative director of my agency. My skills have brought different opportunities; such as art direction, illustration, motion design, and production design.
I'm comfortable creating with Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, After Effects, Premiere, Procreate, and AI tools. I can find my way inside Blender and Audition.
I'm fluent in English and Turkish. Español, intermedio. I can also place an incorrect order at a restaurant in Germany.
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