The beautiful, colorful patterns may seem random at first glance. But they have many meanings. Almost like emojis, the symbols express the weaver’s life, her desires, her dreams and goals.
Since women were confined to domestic space for years, many symbols couldn’t go beyond meaning marriage and raising children.
But today, women’s fight for equality is changing the pattern. We decided to treat the rug patterns the same way. 
We found patriarchal symbols hidden in the rugs and gave new meanings to each of them with the small changes we made.
We expressed that women's dreams are much more than getting married and raising children.​​​​​​​
World-famous Turkish rugs were transformed in the hands of women; and grew to express new dreams, desires, goals; in short, the new Anatolian woman.
Handwoven rug symbols became posters expressing the new stories of Anatolian women without using a single word.
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